HEIFER at 2 months old

In early Sept 2016 I received gene testing for below heifer and bull calf born mid July 2016.                             BOTH ARE HOMOZYGOUS. 


      BBU #C1016238


               THE 7TH ESSENTIAL


                                  SMOOTH POLLED HERD BULL              

My goal is to develop a herd of  "homozygous polled" Beefmasters.  To this end I

have been purchasing graded polled  Beefmaster heifers at BBU auctions and gene

testing newborns for homozygous condition.

As of Sept 2016, I have 4 Homozygous polled females and recently born homozygous

bull in my herd. When the bull calf starts to produce, I expect to have the herd large

enough that I will be offering Homozygous heifers and bulls for sale in 2018.

 Please see "Soon Available" page for current offerings. 

BULL at 2 months old

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